Li-An Chen Piano Studio -


Li-An is a Taiwanese-American pianist with degrees in Piano Performance, and Fine Arts. In her 27 years of teaching piano full time, she has instructed over one thousand individual students of all ages (4 years - 88 years old)!  Li-An has also taught students of all abilities - from beginners to current piano teachers.
She comes from a family of piano teachers. Her parents, uncle, cousins and sisters have all taught piano. 
Li-An's teaching style varies to suit the needs and interests of each of her students.  Her specialty is in sight reading, technique, and helping her students visualize the beauty and art of each musical piece.  To quote a current student's review, "One notable thing to me is her very effective use of non-musical examples (such as artwork, movie clips, personal stories) to convey musical points that can be hard to articulate other ways." 
Several of her current and former students went on to acquire degrees in music (including Peabody School of Music), become professional musicians, and several are now piano teachers.
Li-An's instruction prepares students for recitals, festivals, competitive events and auditions. 
She has served as a judge at piano competitions and belongs to the following associations:
Member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Virginia Music Teachers Association (VMTA) and Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA).

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